CDC Food Bank

Ascension supports the CDC in many ways - and one of the best ways is with food!  We have a small food bank that is located inside the doors of the CDC and the food ranges from baby formula and cereal to dry spaghetti noodles and canned vegetables - and everything in between.  If you would like to donate to this particular food bank, just bring any non-perishable foods that YOU like and drop them off at the CDC or the church office.  We love it when the shelves get empty because it means we've found some foods that the families like!

Missional Outreach Groups

What is a Missional Outreach Group? At Ascension, it is one of three groups that have formed to meet specific needs within the church family or outside in the community. One of the groups takes a worship service to Huntsville Health and Rehabilitation every other Wednesday morning, alternating with every other Wednesday morning to Regency; one group meets regularly to determine special needs within the congregation; and a third group is reviewing its mission.



Habitat for Humanity

Periodically, Ascension is involved in building homes for families in the community who, otherwise, would not be able to afford to own their own home. This is an ongoing missional outreach project that involves many other churches in the community.  Dates of future building projects will be announced here, so come back and find any additional news if you are interested in being part of a construction project!