CDC Staff

Monday through Friday - 6:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Office Hours: 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Phone: (256) 536-5245
DCM: Mrs. Carla Jo Peebles
3803 Oakwood Avenue NW | Huntsville, AL 35810

Hello CDC Families, you will notice that I am gone for a while to undergo and rehab from a hip replacement surgery. As I will be out of pocket from approximately the middle of November through December, have no fear! The CDC is in good hands. I will keep you posted.

Carla Jo Peebles

Who We Are

Carla Jo Peebles - DCM
Charla Moore-King - Assistant Director

Amy English - Office Manager

Priscilla Whitman - Pre-K
Shanika Ziegler - Pre-School
Laci French - Pre-School
Courtney Conway - Early Learners
Victoria Whitman - Toddler 1

Jennifer Hartwig - Toddler 2

Ms. Lee - Infants

*Kathy Allen - Early Learners (Substitute)
*Joice Baker - Substitute

Allison Foster - Floater




The staff at the CDC, from the administration throughout the classrooms, is one of the finest you'll find anywhere. Everyone has the credentials to be in the position where they are, but the main thing is - they love these children - and they love to teach the love of Jesus. That's a lot of love.

If you would like to send the teachers a card or a word of thanks, their birthdays are listed below. You can either send cards or leave them at the CDC. They do have mailboxes on-site and little surprises are greatly appreciated!

Listed in order of the School Year from August to July:

Priscilla - 
Laci - Oct. 7
Charla - Dec. 4
Kathy - Dec. 29
Courtney - Jan. 2
Shanika - Jan. 18
Victoria - 
Joice - May 21 (Ms. Baker)
Carla Jo - June 24

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